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Recommended Reading...
by Brian Kilcommon & Sarah Wilson
This book is not just for puppies. Quite comprehensive with many tips and insights for owners.
My favorite book for someone considering getting a dog:

     - Includes "Should You Get a Dog?"

     - Breed descriptions and requirements
        for grooming, exercise, etc.

     - Where to Get a Dog. There are many

         options... she provides guidance.
Is your dog
     -Pushy or dominant?
     -"Stubborn" or independent?
     -Shy or anxious?

This book is loaded with ideas on how to sharpen up your approach, so you get the best out of your dog​

Fascinating read for the dog geek.
Useful Links...
⬩ Therapy Dog Programs ⬩

⬩ Nose Work and Scent Work ⬩
⬩ AKC Events & Activities ⬩
AKC Trick Dogs
⬩ Local Agility ⬩
For those new to Agility,  Good Dog provides “Agility for Fun”  and "Foundation Agility" classes to get a team started. 

Ready to compete? Contact Toni Duralski for classes at Nunes Agility Field. 
     Email:  [email protected]

Private lessons for the competition team? 
Mary Van Wormer:

Field Rentals, Upcoming Events at Nunes Agility Field.

Dog Training Tools...

Long Lines -  Palomine Lines

For nice custom length long lines. Biothane gives a nice grip. Good for Nose Work, Tracking or Obedience

Silver Shade Cloth -  Greenhouse Mega Store
Silvermesh shade cloth keep your car cool. 

Bait Bag -  SnapDog Designs
My favorite bait bag- nice deep bait bag for your training treats. 5x6". Flat, so your treats won't bounce out if your run. Snap to close instead of 'noisy' velcro, or hard to manage toggle/tie.

Nose Work Harnesses -  Clean Run
The Julius K9 Original Power harness is a favorite among many Nose Work students. It is quite comfortable, and easy to put on and take off. Note: a harness is not required for Nose Work, but is often used.

Oscar Mayer brand. From the lunchmeat section of your grocery store.  Slice and dice in tiny pieces then microwave on paper towels, until crispy.
Doggie heaven!

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